AeroGarden Review

What Is An AeroGarden?

The Miracle Gro AeroGarden is a high tech aeroponic system, a unique indoor growing device where plant roots are suspended in air, but totally soil-free. It’s an advanced combination of both aeroponic and hydroponic systems and the only difference between the two is that the roots in a hydroponic system are placed into a foam type material that replace the soil.

This amazing device grows 5 times faster than plants growing in the best quality potting soil. The Aerogarden roots grow freely in a highly oxygenated chamber with 100 percent humidity whilst bathing in the ideal amount of water and nutrients. This high performance indoor gardening system will give you a 100% germination guarantee and creates a healthier, faster growing environment for your plants than gardening soil.

The assembly is simple. The base of the AeroGarden contains the electronics with an adjustable height setting arm extension that plugs into it and the seed pod cylinders are placed into the round slots within the top section of the water reservoir. The base of the hood section has a reflective coating that scatters light using two daylight spectrum bulbs and the hood simply clicks into the extension arm.

The advanced interactive LCD Control Panel will remind you when water and nutrients need to be added and will automatically turn the Grow Lights on and off for maximum growth but, for the advanced growers they can choose to fully customize their very own functions. In addition, this high tech system uses much less energy than the 60-watt light bulb. 


Miracle-Gro AeroGarden EXTRA LED
AeroGarden Miracle PRO
Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED
Miracle Aero Garden Ultra Indoor LED
Miracle Gro Aerogarden 7 Pod Black
Aero Garden 7 Pod Chille
Aerogarden 7 Pod Indoor Seed Kit
Miracle Gro Aerogarden 7 Pod Black Seed Kit
AeroGarden 3 Pod
AeroGarden 3 Pod
Miracle Gro AeroGarden Ultra
Miracle Gro AeroGarden Ultra
Miracle Gro AeroGarden 7 Pod White
AeroGarden Miracle Gro White
Miracle Gro AeroGarden Extra
Aerogarden Extra
Miracle Gro AeroGarden With Herb Kit
AeroGarden With Starter Kit
AeroGarden LED Extra
New LED AeroGarden Extra
Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Replacement Grow Lights (2 Pack)

Grow Lighst 2 Pack


How Does AeroGarden Work?



What Can I grow With AeroGarden Grow Pods?

The Miracle Gro AeroGarden Seed Pod Kits come with a huge variety of the best pre-selected Herbs, Salad Greens, Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers and the preparation process is as simple as 1,2,3. Just insert your pre-seeded  grow pods into the round slots, add water and then add the liquid nutrients. It’s fun and it can’t get any easier than this. 

Most of your indoor growing will take 7 to 14 days to germinate and harvesting will be ready within 4 to 6 weeks. The benefit of your new indoor garden is it just keeps on growing plants and producing harvests for up to 6 months or more.

One of my favorite Seed Pod Kits is the 14 pod Salad Lover’s Seed Kit because it contains a vast selection of different flavors and colors, featuring: Salad Greens (2), Mustard Greens (1), Baby Greens (2), Cos Lettuce/Romain (2), Mesclun (2), Mizuna (1), Rocket/Arugula (1), Chinese Cabbage (1), Rosette Bok Choy/Tatsoi (1) and Upland Cress/American Cress (1).


How To Clean Your AeroGarden

Believe it or not, the best gardening tip on how to clean your Miracle Gro AeroGarden is to read the Manual. The Quick Start Training Guide contains a ton of information with easy to understand instructions and simplified pictures. Keeping your indoor garden clean is very important, even without the garden soil and with minimal housekeeping, you can keep it that way.

Always remember that as your indoor garden grows there will be residue from the specially formulated nutrients, mineral deposits and bugs, so make sure you change the water every few weeks, otherwise you will find mineral deposits accumulating inside, including the pumps which can cause eventual pump failure.

To prevent dust and other grime from building up on the surface and permeating into your plants, simply wipe down the top of your AeroGarden every week or so. Always clean dead plant leaves that fall, otherwise they will stick to the surface causing a stain. With a little effort, not only will your garden look impressive, it will keep performing for years to come.


AeroGarden Indoor Gardening Supplies:

  • Aerogarden Systems
  • Combination Packs
  • Grow Bulbs
  • Replacement Indoor Grow Light Packs
  • Replacement Grow Sponge Packs
  • Replacement Pump & Filter Packs
  • Seed Pod Kits
  • Seed Starter System Refill Packs
  • UltraGrow Liquid Nutrients – AeroGarden Compatible
  • Universal Basket Packs
  • Universal Seed Starter System


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