Free Up Your Time With AeroGarden

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The AeroGarden is an uncomplicated indoor gardening system allowing you the time to do the things you enjoy doing, instead of spending all your efforts watching over your plants. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh food 365 days of the year with the ultimate convenience of your very own garden sitting right in your kitchen and ready for picking any time.

This foolproof, easy-to-use system will provide light for all your plants to grow using 2 x daylight spectrum bulbs. Imagine garden salads, vegetables, herbs and fruit within your reach each day, every season and every year. This is now possible with the AeroGarden.

The pre-seeded grow pods that come with the package will germinate within 24 hours and your plants will grow more than five times faster than other vegetation grown in garden soil. It relies on the revolutionary aeroponic – hydroponic technology accelerating plant … Read the rest

Why Is The AeroGarden So Appealing?

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For all the enthusiastic food lovers who wish they had enough patience to grow fresh herbs and vegetables but, the thought of actually participating in this exercise is far too challenging, remember this!

There is absolutely no necessity at all to have a green thumb to grow healthy fruit and vegetables. This will also help you to understand how the AeroGarden will give you natural veggies and herbs without messy garden soil and unhealthy toxic pesticides. The AeroGarden is an advanced aeroponicshydroponics system for indoor gardening that will grow healthy produce all-year-round.

This indoor garden will flourish rapidly and deliver the exact level of nutrients, water and oxygen immediately to the roots of the plants and will grow more than 5 times faster than plants growing in garden soil. The frame is easily assembled and has adjustable settings based upon the height and support of your plants.

The … Read the rest

Why Purchase AeroGarden Indoor Gardens?

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Aerogarden Indoor Gardens have been one of the most sought after indoor gardens for many years and for the inquisitive, they may be asking questions as to why they should make a purchase but, as an experienced Aerogarden critic myself, once a person looks at the reasons why they should purchase one of these amazing systems, they will begin to recognize just how wise a choice they have made.

There are a multitude of reasons why someone will purchase an AeroGarden Indoor Garden and it could quite possibly be just to simply save costs on fresh produce, rather than shopping in their local area.

Some people may live in apartment style accommodation with limited space for an outdoor garden so they can use this very handy gardening system to get fresh produce in their kitchen, or even a small corner of a room in their home. This will give an … Read the rest

Growing Tomatoes Indoors

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The art of growing tomatoes indoors can be fun and challenging for some but, it does have numerous advantages and can give you fresh produce every day with flavorsome tomatoes all year round. Growing indoors is very convenient, especially for people who reside in high rise apartments with restricted outdoor access but, it only requires just a few pieces of equipment to get started: 

Select the best tomato varieties to grow indoors

My preference is the sweet cherry tomato plant and not the larger varieties. I’ve found that not only are the cherry tomatoes visually appealing but produce more fruit on a consistent basis indoors throughout the winter months.  

Growing tomatoes in containers 

You will need a fairly large container to start growing tomatoes indoors and the right size to produce fruit. A 5 gallon (18.9 L) pot is the perfect size but nothing smaller. 

Choose the ideal indoor Read the rest

Indoor Herb Garden


How to grow herbs indoors

As a garden lover, I get great joy from my very own indoor herb garden. It’s the simplest and the most rewarding experience you could ask for. My garden is currently happily thriving on my kitchen table and overflowing with an abundance of fresh Thai Basil, Genovese Basil, Chives, Mint, Cilanto, Parsley and Dill and all this, with minimal effort and at a low price. To get your indoor garden started, you need to decide what type of container to use and whether to use seeds and let them germinate or,  young herb plants from your local gardening store.

Always remember to give your herbs a bit of nutritional assistance as well with some fertilizer every few weeks, as this will get your herbs sprouting in no time. Whether you decide to use garden soil for potting or a hydroponic – aeroponic system, you … Read the rest