DIY Hydroponics

By | March 16, 2015

DIY Hydroponic System


Deciding on the best DIY Hydroponics Grow System for your new garden is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to look at and, here are some important reasons to consider whilst making a choice.

Hydroponic Setup DIY

You will definitely need to find the most appropriate area in your home for a hydroponic setup with enough space for a vertical system. There are a number of hydroponic grow systems that are able to fit quite comfortably in a very small, undisturbed space. 

Or, would you prefer to spread out and build a more substantial garden? There are a number of really good options for the beginner. You can start your new project in a small way in the beginning to save your dollars, energy and time. 

The easiest DIY Hydroponics Setup to use is the “Nutrient Film Technique NFT’ as this will give the nutrients a natural flow to the root system of your plants or alternatively, you may look at saving space by investing in a vertical “Aeroponic System” that pumps nutrient filled moisture onto the root system at regular intervals.

The beauty is that both these grow systems can be utilised in a very small area within your home.


Discount Hydroponics Supplies

Is it wise to look for discount hydroponics supplies? Yes it is and due to the vast variety of DIY hydroponics, you will surely find the best budget to suit your needs. You may discover some of the equipment needed is already lying around in your own home. However, there are certain inexpensive items that you will need to pay for, such as:

  • nutrients
  • ph tester
  • pump
  • time

In my opinion, the discount hydroponics supplies for the “wick system” can be the cheapest and the easiest to use, although this method is much slower than any other DIY hydroponic system. This should be used on a much smaller scale with smaller plants because larger plants will tend to soak up more nutrient solution than the wick system is able to distribute. All in all, the perfect grow garden.


What Hydroponic Equipment should I use?

Are you looking for DIY Hydroponics equipment that you can assemble very quickly without all the fuss? Or, do you enjoy spending time checking out the nutrients and ph every day? No matter what you prefer, there is always something out there for everyone. Do you have basic experience or an interest in building, carpentry, electricity, plumbing and gardening skills?

These are just some of the basic skills required and, I for one know that the Hydroponic “Drip Irrigation System” can be the most complicated but, there are many different versions to choose from ranging from less difficult to more difficult. The choice is yours! 


What can I grow in my hydroponic garden?

Firstly, what are you interested in growing in your hydroponic garden? Would you prefer something like fresh home grown lettuce and herbs that you can harvest quickly or, would you prefer growing an intricate crop, such as tomatoes or strawberries? Your DIY hydroponics system will certainly be determined by what you decide to grow.

The Ebb and Flow system is terrific for tomatoes, whilst strawberries prefer the “Nutrient Film Technique” NFT. As for most other plants, they’re not too fussy how they’re grown. Climate can also affect your hydroponic garden so, you need to decide on whether your project will be indoor or outdoors.

Seasonal weather damage can surely damage any outdoor crop. Always keep this in mind when choosing the ideal system for you.  


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