Free Up Your Time With AeroGarden

By | March 3, 2015

Aerogarden 3 pod


The AeroGarden is an uncomplicated indoor gardening system allowing you the time to do the things you enjoy doing, instead of spending all your efforts watching over your plants. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh food 365 days of the year with the ultimate convenience of your very own garden sitting right in your kitchen and ready for picking any time.

This foolproof, easy-to-use system will provide light for all your plants to grow using 2 x daylight spectrum bulbs. Imagine garden salads, vegetables, herbs and fruit within your reach each day, every season and every year. This is now possible with the AeroGarden.

The pre-seeded grow pods that come with the package will germinate within 24 hours and your plants will grow more than five times faster than other vegetation grown in garden soil. It relies on the revolutionary aeroponic – hydroponic technology accelerating plant growth faster than in dirt.

This simple appliance has a microprocessor controlling the nutrients and watering for the roots system. As you can see, there is virtually no work to do at all!. The system will automate a reminder to let you know what and when to add the water and the nutrients. The fact that the entire system is soil free will also result in an indoor bug free home for your plants!

The setup has a 100% success rate and it’s all totally foolproof. This system is by far the best solution for an indoor gardening structure.

The entire automation system for AeroGarden will free up your time and  includes an Aeroponic Chamber, Garden Technology, Lighting System, Manual Guide and Seed Pod kit! This amazing technology features a microprocessor assisting in the care of lighting, watering and nutrients for your plants. There is a timer to turn the lighting system on and off and a special reminder system to alert you to add water and nutrients when needed.

The tending and harvesting guide will advise you about everything you could possibly need to know, including all the latest tips and recipes for your fresh harvest.  It is clean energy-efficient and grows plants 365 days of the year, resulting in an enormous yield.

Watching your very own harvest grow is a wonderful experience, especially for the kids if they grow it themselves. It’s a fantastic way to encourage them to eat their veggies. Unlike grocery stores, you will always know how your food is grown which is a wonderful education for the kids too.  It will certainly save you time and effort without the need to get in the car to drive out to get your fruit and vegetables!

Why spend the time and work caring for your plants when an automated microprocessor can do it better for you? The AeroGarden can help you save money. When observing the value of your new garden, you will most likely be paid back by the very first harvest whilst making all harvests after the first one free!


AeroGarden Ultra LED DEMO 


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