Indoor Herb Garden

By | February 25, 2015


How to grow herbs indoors

As a garden lover, I get great joy from my very own indoor herb garden. It’s the simplest and the most rewarding experience you could ask for. My garden is currently happily thriving on my kitchen table and overflowing with an abundance of fresh Thai Basil, Genovese Basil, Chives, Mint, Cilanto, Parsley and Dill and all this, with minimal effort and at a low price. To get your indoor garden started, you need to decide what type of container to use and whether to use seeds and let them germinate or,  young herb plants from your local gardening store.

Always remember to give your herbs a bit of nutritional assistance as well with some fertilizer every few weeks, as this will get your herbs sprouting in no time. Whether you decide to use garden soil for potting or a hydroponic – aeroponic system, you must always ensure that the plants get the right amount of light to grow properly. Don’t over do it with water, as herbs generally do not like their roots too wet.

I love house plants and the aroma of fresh herbs in my kitchen, all year round, is a real buzz for me. An indoor herb garden can be relaxing and as well as very useful. Quite simply, herb gardening is the joy of growing herbs for either culinary, medicinal or ornate purposes indoors. Indoor gardening has a ton of benefits, including the convenience of always having fresh herbs readily available or for your medicinal needs.

For lovers of cooking like me, the availability of an indoor herb garden in your own kitchen is really handy, especially if you need herbs all the time. If you love everything about food, you’ll enjoy some of our Indoor Herb Garden Ideas.


The One Pot Herb Garden

For starters, the one pot herb garden will work well inside the home. All you need is a large pot, the best garden soil for potting and your favourite herb plants. The ideal position in your home would be a nice cosy spot with direct sunlight because your herbs will need plenty of light to grow. It’s a simple exercise to set up an indoor herb garden, even in a tiny kitchen just like mine and the winter time is the perfect time of the year to begin your project.

Firstly, purchase a large deep plant pot with some small holes in the bottom to drain the water and then scatter some stones at the bottom, as this will provide an even flow for excess water to drain. Herb plants don’t like too much water at their roots, so drainage is very important. Remember to purchase a tray for underneath the pot to prevent water from dripping onto your floor.


Build your own Aeroponic System 


How to build a Hydroponic System cheap – 1 & 2



Best herbs for indoor garden

My recommendation for the best herbs in your indoor herb garden would be to select the most hardy herbs, such as:

There are dozens of varieties available at your local store and the choice is yours! Once you’ve selected your favorite herb plants, fill up the large pot with a good potting soil but stop at least 3 inches from the top and moisten the water, but don’t over do it. Remove the herb from it’s container and gently loosen the soil around the roots and dig a small hole in the pot. Place your herbs gently in the soil with about 2.5 cm (1 inch) of soil covering the top of the roots and always place each individual herb plant several inches apart from each other.

Now, you’re ready to place your indoor herb garden in an ideal position that will get full sun. Water your herbs when needed but don’t over do it. Once your herbs are ready for picking, cut the leaves and stems off the top first, but avoid the sides. 


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