Seed Pod Kits

How do AeroGarden Seed Pod Kits work?

The AeroGarden Seed Pods Kits are designed to neatly slip into any type of AeroGarden model by using just a small amount of pressure to insert them. You’ll find that some models include a “Plant Select” feature that will assist to maintain and grow a particular type of plant that you’ve chosen. 

For ultimate growth, the best position for the taller plants are ideally suited towards the back of the device, whilst the medium sized plants are best positioned around the side but, the smaller ones are ideally positioned right at the front.

Make sure you don’t remove the labels on the seed pods because they will give you instructions on the plant height to assist you in placing your new plants in the right place, including germination time and how to prevent algae growth. 

Once your pods are inserted, you must place the plastic domes over each individual pod until their new growth nearly touches them. Once your plants get to this stage, you need to remove the domes for maximum growth.


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Seed Starter System For 7-Pod AeroGardens
Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Seed Starter System For 7-Pod AeroGardens


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